Date posted: 06/12/2022

S3E2: Cybersecurity for SMPs

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Are you an SMP lying awake at night wondering if there’s a cyber-criminal already in your digital systems waiting to pounce? Do you have enough cyber-security measures in place to protect your clients’ critical information? It can be overwhelming knowing where to start to minimise risk, especially when it feels like some of the nation’s biggest players aren’t even safe. This episode of Small Firm, Big Impact explores why small businesses, particularly accountants, are seen as “easy targets” and provides the steps you need to take to protect yourself and your clients. Plus we answer some big questions – to pay or not to pay and who’s liable? Accenture Australia & New Zealand Security Director Jacqui Kernot and Accenture Australia & New Zealand Cybersecurity Strategy, Managing Director Anu Kukar CA join CA ANZ Public Affairs Manager - Australia Gillian Bowen to explain.

Whatever organisation – small, large or big – we’re absolutely talking about cybersecurity and it’s around the fact that this could happen to us and are we prepared?
Anu Kukar CA Accenture Australia & New Zealand Cybersecurity Strategy, Managing Director
For smaller firms it’s a question of what resources can they access and leverage because you know cybersecurity is a very expensive proposition to really get it right.
Jacqui Kernot Accenture Australia & New Zealand Security Director

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