Scam Alerts

We're aware of online attackers targeting our members with scams that appear to be from CA ANZ. Online attackers may impersonate CA ANZ to gain your personal or financial information for financial gain.

To help stay safe online, you can do the following to check if the information is from CA ANZ:

  • Check the email address from or If the spelling or address contains alternative details, it might be a scam
  • Log in to My CA to check your membership details or outstanding amounts payable instead of clicking email links
  • Contact our Member Support team if you are unsure if an email is from CA ANZ

If you have received a scam or suspicious email related to CA ANZ, please report to our Member Support team via the form on the Contact Us page.

To learn more about how you can protect yourself and what to do if you are targeted by a scam please visit

Known scams

We are aware of the below scam being sent to members by email. CA ANZ will not use threatening language in communications, please use your log in to My CA to check for updates or fees owing.