Practice Entity Membership

Additional protection for your firm


  • Practice Entity Membership is an optional membership available to Australian corporate entities
  • There are specific requirements and obligations under Practice Entity Membership
  • The Liability Capping Scheme is extended to Practice Entity Members

Become a Practice Entity Member

Practice Entity Membership (PEM) is an optional class of membership available for Australian corporate entities.   

Once you have become a PEM, your business may be eligible to access to the protection of the Liability Capping Schemes.

The liability capping scheme operates as another layer of your risk management safety net. It puts a limit (cap) on how much can be awarded for a legal claim. The cap is also affected by the size and nature of your practice.  

The requirements for PEM are the same criteria applied to calling your business a Chartered firm. This means you can use the words “Chartered Accountants” in your business title and our logo in branding and marketing material.  

Please note that Regulation CR9 specifies the limits on using certain terms and our logo, in particular you cannot use Chartered Accountants in your registered company name with ASIC. 

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Access CR9 online

How to apply

Complete our questionnaire that helps assess your eligibility for PEM or to call your business a Chartered firm.To complete the survey you will need to provide the following information:

  • Names of directors and principals in your business
  • Do any Chartered Accountant directors and principals also hold a CPP?
  • Do other directors and principals in your business have affiliate membership of CA ANZ (affiliates)?
  • Are there more directors or principals with a CPP than affiliates?
  • Do you have any staff who have voting rights as this may affect the percentage of CPP holders to affiliates?

There is a one off application fee per company of $570.

Each company granted PEM status will be required to pay the PSC levy each year.

To submit your application, complete the PEM form and email it to us.  

To celebrate your Chartered firm status, review our Branding guidelines.

Is my business a chartered firm?

Find out with our online quiz

Find out with our online quiz

Annual obligations

Along with paying the annual PSC levy of $66 for the PEM, the Practice Entity Representative is also required to complete the Practice Entity Membership Renewal survey. The survey is sent as a link alongside the PSC levy invoice and emailed to the Practice Entity Representative annually.

Changes to your business

When there is a change in your business structure or contact details, please let us know.

This ensures appropriate communication reaches you and your PEM fees are calculated correctly.

To update your details, please complete the Change of Details form and return to us.