Use your ACCA membership to become a CA

If you’re a member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) who gained membership through a professional pathway program you may be eligible to apply for CA ANZ membership.

The pathway to CA ANZ membership for an ACCA member is straightforward. Simply follow the steps below to start your journey towards achieving CA ANZ membership.

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Step 1: Meet criteria and obtain required documentation


ACCA members must meet the following criteria before making an application for CA ANZ Membership:

  • be currently residing in Australia or New Zealand
  • be a current full member in good standing
  • attained at least 5 years’ experience post admittance to ACCA membership
  • gained their membership through the standard examination pathway (not through a third-party arrangement)
  • A Letter of Good Standing from ACCA. The letter must be dated within 3 months of the date of your application for membership and confirm:
    • that you are a current full member in good standing
    • the date your full membership was granted
    • your membership number
    • your membership was gained through the standard examination pathway
    • you are compliant with continuing professional development requirements and
    • you are not currently subject to any disciplinary sanctions or investigations and have not been subject to any disciplinary sanctions for their full period of membership.
  • Evidence of your identity. This should be in the form of a colour copy of your biographic passport page, driver’s licence, national identity card, birth certificate, citizenship certification or proof of age card. We will also accept colour copies of certificates of identity, refugee travel document, emergency travel documents or citizenship certificates as proof of identity. If you are a citizen of Singapore, do not include a copy of your National Identity card.
  • Confirmation of 5 years’ post qualification experience (CV/Resume or other confirmation of work history.)
  • Two CA references from CA ANZ Members (please use the below reference form). Consideration can be made if one of the two references is from a full member of a GAA body that we hold a reciprocal arrangement with or an FCCA member of ACCA. Both references must be a full and current member of at least 3 years standing.

Special Admission to Membership - Member Reference

Download Form
New Zealand based applicants
  • All applicants living in New Zealand must upload a Ministry of Justice report dated within the last 6 months with their application.
  • If you have spent a period of 12 months or more during the past 10 years living in a different country, you will also need to provide a current police report from that country.


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Step 2: Apply for Special Admission to Full CA ANZ Membership

Please read the application form carefully to understand the requirements. Please contact the Member Admissions and Pathways team with any specific questions at [email protected].

Processing times vary depending on the volume of current applications. Please allow up to 40 business days.

You will be advised of current processing times via email once your application has been received.

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