Regional and Rural Sector Committees

These committees represent and understand the needs of accountants living and working in rural and regional areas.

Our regional and rural sector committees are a vital conduit between our regional councils, local committees and member groups, and CA ANZ management.

If you're unsure about joining the Committee, members are encouraged to attend meetings to provide additional insights, and ex officio members may be appointed for a defined period.

Regional and Rural Sector Committee (Australia)

Our Regional and Rural Sector Committee is comprised of up to nine members. The committee aims to:

  • Identify current and emerging issues facing regional members
  • Make recommendations on initiatives, products and services being developed and delivered to support regional members
  • Provide feedback on the success of initiatives targeted at regional members.

Rural Sector Committee (New Zealand)

Our Rural Sector Committee is comprised of up to ten members. The committee aims to:

  • Represent rural or primary sector views, including member views
  • Promote and engage future talent into rural accountancy
  • Encourage and contribute to relevant training for our members
  • Communicate to our members and stakeholders on topical issues to Chartered Accountants ANZ
  • Provide thought leadership and technical tax input to rural tax issues

Member Resources Toolkit

A guide to the resources and services available to all regional and rural members.