Local Committees

Local Committees (LCs) are groups representing New Zealand members in 15 local areas around the country.

LCs advise CA ANZ regarding the membership in the area and its particular needs, preferences and issues as these arise, particularly as these relate to different sectors, industries, and demographic requirements. These groups form a key conduit between CA ANZ and its members, ensuring timely and topical member information is provided to CA ANZ and in turn allowing CA ANZ to improve service delivery by appropriately tailoring its services and products at local level to meet member needs.

The functions of LCs are to:

  • Provide input on local members segments, needs and preferences
  • Identify local emerging issues
  • Identify local emerging talent
  • Facilitate access to local networks; and
  • Carry out other such functions consistent with the NZICA Rules and the CA ANZ By-Laws as the Board and the Local Committee may agree from time to time.

LCs comprise anywhere between five and ten members (relative to membership numbers in the area), aiming for representation from local membership sectors, industries, career stages, designations, ages, genders, and ethnicities. LC members are appointed by the New Zealand Council for terms of three years. Any NZ resident full member is eligible to apply for membership of their Local Committee.

To find out more or to get involved, reach out to the Regional Manager or Local Committee in your area:

  • Chair - Alice Norton CA 
  • CA ANZ Regional Manager – Neal McDiarmid
Bay of Plenty
Gisborne / East Coast
  • Chair - Michelle Hall CA 
  • CA ANZ Regional Manager – Neal McDiarmid
Hawkes Bay
  • Chair - Liz Maddox-Strong CA
  • CA ANZ Regional Manager – Neal McDiarmid
  • Chair - Talia Anderson-Town CA
  • CA ANZ Regional Manager – Mike O'Leary
  • Chair - Luke McLeay CA
  • CA ANZ Regional Manager – Mike O'Leary
  • Chair - Felicity Tate CA
  • CA ANZ Regional Manager – Mike O'Leary
  • Chair - Jacqueline d'Ath CA
  • CA ANZ Regional Manager – Mike O'Leary
Canterbury / Westland

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