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It is with pleasure that I have been asked to prepare this article for the next edition of the newsletter. As one of 2 Council Members (together with Sarah Becker FCA) who are from Regional Queensland we are fortunate to bring a unique perspective to Council and the issues and challenges our members face. In fact, the issues across the state, be it Regional or Metropolitan all too often mirror each other. 

Reflecting on the article our Chair Mathew Green FCA, prepared in the last newsletter, the question of “How am I doing” is one that is often considered by Council. The answers enables Council to look outside and address one of our core purposes which is to serve our members. The Qld membership base is just shy of 13,000 members. Making up approximately 25% of these members are those that are classed as Young Chartered Accountants (YCA’s). Given this is a significant and growing portion of our members, the initiative of our Chair to include Fiona Brazier CA, Chair of the YCA committee as an observer in Council meetings, enhances the link with these members and provides a voice that is invaluable to assist Council and the profession as a whole. No doubt this involvement will continue into the future and will enable Council to continually reflect on the “How am I doing” question.

Our last Council meeting also included a presentation from Susan Rix AM FCA who is the new Chair of the Qld Chartered Accountants Advisory Group (CAAG). Susan recently replaced Arthur Kirk FCA who has served many years on CAAG. The presentation by Susan enabled Council to again reflect on the question of “How am I doing” The answer to this question will change as we progress through the different stages and challenges of our careers, probably none more so than those we are experiencing at present. If at anytime the answer to the question seeks you to require support of your peers, I urge you to reach out to CAAG via your regional manager Hayley Angell who provide a confidential and invaluable service to our members.

Finally, Council has always had a lens on the Advocacy front and it is indeed a focus that is core to our organisation and member values. Recently Hayley Angell, with the support of the Advocacy and Professional Standards Team successfully lobbied for changes to the Accountants letter template supporting COVID-19 Business Support Grant, a wonderful effort by all involved. This is one small part of the continued advocacy and lobbying efforts CAANZ undertakes on behalf of its members.

Mark Bushell FCA 
Vice Chair Qld Regional Council


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The global pandemic has forced us all to reassess the way we engage with each other and to reconsider what it means to be a good citizen. In 2021, a good citizen makes decisions based on their long-term impacts and advocates for changes to make meaningful and lasting contributions to business, the community and the planet.

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2021 QLD Forum Series: Regional Roadshow – 3 CPD hours

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To give something back to our members, we are delighted to be rolling out the 2021 QLD Regional Roadshow, a series of nine complimentary half-day forums to be held in different locations across the state.

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