Date posted: 15/06/2023

S3E15: Professional Conduct Framework Review

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Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CA ANZ) has released the Professional Conduct Framework Review Final Report, an Independent Review of the recommendations, and the Committee’s Response to the Independent Review.

This comes at a time when the spotlight is on the profession and on the powers to hold those who breach the Code of Ethics to account.

In this episode, CA ANZ CEO Ainslie van Onselen sits down with host Gillian Bowen to take Members through some of the Review’s key recommendations and the next steps in the process.

As well as recommending a range of procedural and efficiency improvements, the recommendations from this Review extend the existing features of the Disciplinary Framework to address events involving firms and the systemic and cultural issues underpinning them.

Ms Van Onselen also answers questions about how the Review will assist the CA ANZ disciplinary bodies in upholding the trust in, and integrity of, the profession.

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