Date posted: 05/04/2023

S3E10: Finding space for professional development

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What do you think about professional development? Is it something you look forward to as an opportunity to gain new skills or is it more a requirement you struggle to fit into your working day. This episode explores the benefits of professional development: to your small business, your staff (if you have any) and yourself, and how to find time to regularly fit it in. Among the types of PD we explore, the 1% improvement rule – now that sounds manageable! 

Professional development is an important part of being an effective chartered accountant – it helps maintain the quality and expertise of the profession. While it’s a requirement to be a CA ANZ member, can looking at it through a different lens, reinvigorate your approach?  

Leadership expert and bestselling author Suzi McAlpine joins Gillian to explain. 

CA ANZ CPD requirements 

Suzi’s blog – The Leader’s Digest 

PS. Apologies about the computer pings during the record. 

“For business and professional success, when we reflect, when we pause, it leads to better decision-making and who’s not for that in a business.”

“If you lead a really small team, if you’re growing and developing, you’re going to lead better.”

“Think of the smallest amount of professional development that you could commit to and make it a habit. Do it for a month and then see what happens.”
Suzi McAlpine, Leadership expert and bestselling author