CA ANZ is committed to helping our members develop, attract and retain the right mix of skills to make a difference at every stage of their career.

The CA designation is built on rigorous technical education, critical thinking and a deep commitment to high ethical standards.

Along with the technical skills traditionally associated with the profession, there is now high demand for human skills such as agility, empathy, innovation, creativity, problem-solving and collaboration, to enable CAs to adapt to the current complex and fast-changing environment.

In a post-COVID world, where the way we work and travel has changed so dramatically, attracting, retaining, developing and maintaining the very best skills is more of a challenge than ever for the CA community.

To help with this, CA ANZ is collating a range of articles, analysis, checklists, tools, events, courses and links to support our community to confirm the value of the designation and the impact CAs have on their businesses and communities.

The Right Talent

This complimentary interactive webinar will arm you with the mindset, skills and strategic focus you need to leverage disruption to develop attract and retain the right mix of skills. On 4 June come prepared to challenge the talent market that’s challenging you with 5 industry experts.

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