Date posted: 07/06/2021 4 min read

The Right Talent

Chartered Accountants ANZ hosted a unique interactive event that addressed the issues around talent.

In Brief

  • Live webinar with five panel members and a moderator
  • Topics were generated by participants through polls
  • Over 1800 attendees

On June 4 over 1800 attendees joined us as we hosted a unique interactive virtual event that unpacked the challenges, opportunities and strategies needed to futureproof the way we attract, develop and retain talent.

In a broad and expansive debate, experts from a range of fields addressed the issues around talent and shared their thoughts on the changes we can all make to ensure the future success of the profession.

Watch and listen as moderator Tim Dean guides an invigorating discussion between, recruitment guru Seren Wilson, transformation specialist Kayur Patel CA, futurist Larry Quick, future state public practice pioneer Felicity Hill CA, and intergenerational workforce specialist David Tarr.

"Today's talent problems can't be solved by the same thinking that created them," said David Tarr. "We now have a blank sheet – we don't want to build the same things again."

Felicity Hill didn't mince her words in calling for CAs to be brave and bold when it comes to changing the perceptions about our industry.

"It's not up to CA ANZ to say this is what an accountant is and does," Felicity Hill said. "It's up to us to deliver real business partnering to our clients and change the perception of what we do and who we are."

While Kayur Patel called on the profession to take a renewed focus on the role of soft skills as well as technical training.

"We need to focus on what it means to be human," said transformation specialist Kayur Patel CA. "We need to hire people that can enhance the culture and not just for technical skills.".

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