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Citizenship is about being community minded, acting responsibly, engaging with our institutions, ensuring accountability, demonstrating care and creating a sustainable future for the greater good. Here we aim to inspire members to articulate and embrace their role as global citizens by supporting sound ethical decision making and highlighting the contribution members make.

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Anthony Pike FCA on working with Indigenous Businesses

Anthony Pike CA

Anthony Pike FCA has worked with Indigenous businesses for more than 25 years and learned the real value of listening.

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CAs understand that every financial decision has a human cost and impacts a client’s ecosystem – their customers, employees, supply chains and physical environments. We care about doing the right thing and driving the best outcomes for all. Here you will find the resources and ideas to help you navigate the changing way we do business and interact with our communities.

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#Auditor Proud

Woman looking at computer screen showing Auditor Proud and collage of professionals

This year #AuditorProud celebrates the pivotal roles auditors have played in maintaining the integrity of our economies and businesses, while also promoting sustainability, during the pandemic. Come celebrate #AuditorProud with us.   

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A good citizen has the courage to challenge the status quo and the conscience to ask not only what can we do but what should we do? The resources on this page will help you connect with fellow members and allow you to develop strategies to build ideas and learn from each other.

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Connect with Not-For-Profits Online Event

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Calling all Not-for-Profits and Chartered Accountants based in Vic and Tas! This initiative brings together a wide range of NFPs seeking to fill roles with CAs willing to volunteer their services for a social cause.

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Here we aim to equip our members with the education resources the critical thinking skills required to assist and challenge decision making to contribute positively to society today and in the future.