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Citizenship is about being community minded, acting responsibly, engaging with our institutions, ensuring accountability, demonstrating care and creating a sustainable future for the greater good. Here we aim to inspire members to articulate and embrace their role as global citizens by supporting sound ethical decision making and highlighting the contribution members make.

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The true impact of a FCA

Tinashe Kamangira FCA

Discover the stories behind Fellowship that celebrate the many career and personal achievements of CAs as they serve the profession and their community. If you know colleagues that deserve recognition for their outstanding contributions, you may wish to consider making an official Fellowship nomination.

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CAs understand that every financial decision has a human cost and impacts a client’s ecosystem – their customers, employees, supply chains and physical environments. We care about doing the right thing and driving the best outcomes for all. Here you will find the resources and ideas to help you navigate the changing way we do business and interact with our communities.

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8 ways business leaders can fix the gender pay gap

8 ways business leaders can fix the gender pay gap

With senior male CA's earing up to $50,000 more than female counterparts, senior chartered accountants say what is needed to make wages truly equal.

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A good citizen has the courage to challenge the status quo and the conscience to ask not only what can we do but what should we do? The resources on this page will help you connect with fellow members and allow you to develop strategies to build ideas and learn from each other.

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Contribute and Shape the Future of Accounting

CAANZ two young women in cafe

Learn how you can connect to your peer network, get involved and give back to the profession and community. 

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Here we aim to equip our members with the education resources the critical thinking skills required to assist and challenge decision making to contribute positively to society today and in the future.

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