Date posted: 01/02/2023

Update on Chartered Accountants ANZ Professional Conduct Review

CA ANZ Statement on the progress of the Professional Conduct Framework Review.

The Professional Conduct Framework Review Committee is on track to have its in principle recommendations to former Federal Court justice, the Hon. Dennis Cowdroy AO KC for review, in March. The aim of the review is to ensure our Professional Conduct Framework remains in line with global best practice. The Committee convened to overview the review received approximately 25 submissions from CA ANZ members and other stakeholders during an initial consultation to identify issues and potential areas for reform.

In parallel the Committee’s working group of subject matter experts in CA ANZ’s and NZICA’s Professional Standards teams has also spent several months benchmarking the CA ANZ/NZICA professional conduct framework against other leading accounting bodies: ICAEW, ACCA, ICAS and CPA Australia; and against other professional associations in Australia and New Zealand, including the Law Society of NSW, NZ Law Society, Engineers Australia, Engineering NZ, medical professional bodies and other bodies providing professional education.

This important process is now on track to deliver in principle recommendations to former Federal Court justice, the Hon. Dennis Cowdroy AO KC for review in March. Following this important independent review, the Committee will communicate its recommendations to CA ANZ members by the end of April ahead of a member vote on any associated changes to CA ANZ By Laws or NZICA Rules at the Annual General Meeting in October.

The Committee comprises: the CA ANZ CEO, the CA ANZ Chairman, the CA ANZ Council President, the Chair of the CA ANZ Audit and Risk Committee, the Chair of the People and Remuneration Committee, the Professional Conduct Oversight Committee Chair, the NZICA Regulatory Board Chair and four Group Executives with responsibility for governance, conduct and education functions in Australia and New Zealand.

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