Date posted: 16/02/2024

Joint submission calls for greater funding of the Queensland Revenue Office

CA ANZ and CPA have jointly called for the Queensland government to increase resourcing of the Queensland Revenue Office.

In brief

  • Queensland based members are experiencing significant delays in objection processes and the allocation of complex cases
  • Public guidance by the Queensland Revenue Office is not being updated in a timely manner
  • Increases in the staffing and resourcing of the Queensland Revenue Office is needed to improve this situation

Queensland based members of CA ANZ and CPA have been consistently raising concerns about the timeliness of both the resolution of client matters and the publishing of guidance on significant tax matters by the Queensland Revenue Office (QRO).

Members have advised that:

  • The objection process can take more than 12 months.
  • There are significant delays in the allocation of complex cases.
  • Significant time and effort is needed to make applications for ex gratia relief from the land tax foreign surcharge.

These delays hinder the ability of businesses to focus on growth rather than administration.

There are also significant delays in updating public guidance. For example, the public guidance on whether a worker is a common law employee has not been updated in 13 years despite there being many significant legal decisions affecting this issue. Other state jurisdictions have updated their guidance for these changes but not Queensland.

Having up to date guidance has the potential to reduce workloads as people can refer to generic advice rather ask for specific help. This should be a priority for the Queensland Revenue Office.

Should additional resourcing be provided to the Queensland Revenue Office it is requested that some of the resourcing be dedicated to training of QRO personnel, especially in relation to the benefits and limitations of data matching, understanding financial statements and tax technical issues.

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