The accounting profession has a significant role to play in climate change mitigation and adaptation. Here’s what you need to know and what you can do.

Climate-related disclosures

Climate-related risks and broader sustainability issues are becoming a core focus for boards and businesses whether through stakeholder pressure or internal factors. Investors and stakeholders are basing crucial decisions on climate-related risk disclosure. Organisations are facing ever-louder calls to take these risks seriously, integrating them into the risk management and reporting processes.

Accountants are particularly well-placed to advise and support organisations in understanding the interconnected climate-related risks and opportunities, and how to measure, report and respond to these.

Globally and in Australia and New Zealand, regulation of climate risk disclosure is developing quickly. The pace of change means it's important accountants are proactively looking at how they can support businesses as they adapt.

Key developments in climate-related disclosures

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Climate-related risks and opportunities: impact on Chartered Accountants 

Climate change will have a material impact on the economy as well as the environment.

The accounting profession has a significant role to play in supporting the shift to a low carbon future. Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand supports a global call to action and is committed to pursuing its own net-zero emissions journey, and to supporting Chartered Accountants to meet these new challenges.

The impact of climate change on accountants is wide-ranging and constantly evolving, from being instrumental in addressing climate risk and reducing emissions in your own organisation, to engaging in new types of services or activities. Whilst this creates opportunities it also brings challenges including developing new competencies, keeping abreast of changing legislation, regulations and standards, and upholding integrity and objectivity in this evolving area.

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