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Good charts, top stocks and ChatGPT

From the Australian Financial Review and the Australian and New Zealand Master Tax Guides to inspiring resources on a huge range of business, personal and professional development topics, the CA Library covers a lot of ground – and all resources are chosen especially with CAs in mind.

Recently, a lot of members have been tapping into resources on ChatGPT, data analytics and financial modelling, along with how to craft your best year ever or build shiny new habits to succeed in work and life.

Check out the lists below to see what’s hot in the CA Library at the moment.

Top Hits CA Library Q4 2023 

Top 5 eBooks

  1. Good Charts, updated and expanded: the HBR guide to making smarter, more persuasive data visualizations
  2. Top stocks 2024: a sharebuyer's guide to leading Australian companies
  3. Stop worrying about money: start planning now to secure your financial future
  4. A Power BI compendium: answers to 65 commonly asked questions on Power BI
  5. The essentials of financial modeling in Excel: a concise guide to concepts and methods

Top 5 audiobooks

  1. Good habits (HBR emotional intelligence series)
  2. Your best year ever: A 5-step plan for achieving your most important goals
  3. Confidence (HBR emotional intelligence series)
  4. HBR's 10 must reads 2024: The definitive management ideas of the year from Harvard Business Review
  5. HBR's 10 must reads on AI

Top 5 articles

  1. Writing advanced Excel macros with GPT-4
  2. Accounting in the Age of Generative AI
  3. Build ChatGPT into Excel
  4. Section 99B: implications for Australian beneficiaries
  5. CGT roll-overs and tax consolidation for SMEs

Top 5 reading lists

Tap into CA Library's reading lists, a great way to see the top resources on a specific topic.

  1. Australian tax - Recent articles relevant to Australian tax practitioners.
  2. Excel - From Excel spreadsheet tips to advanced guides on data analytics.
  3. Artificial intelligence - Includes resources about ChatGPT and other generative AI.
  4. New Zealand tax - Recent resources relevant to New Zealand tax practitioners.
  5. Wellness and mental health - Resources to improve resilience and mental health.

Searching for information?

Let the CA Library lend a hand with the complimentary research service. Whether you are after a template or need comprehensive information on a specific topic, simply email the team at [email protected] or visit research support for more details.

Here are some recent research topics members have recently asked the library team:

  1. Research on psychosocial hazards/risks and the frameworks used to manage these in a mining/resources context.
  2. Research on the topic of funds tracing, in particular, tracing funds transferred through multiple bank accounts to their ultimate use or destination.
  3. Capital gains tax issues around whether a capital loss is available to a trust beneficiary when a UPE (unpaid present entitlement) owing by a trust is forgiven by said beneficiary.
  4. Research that will assist with compiling a revised deemed cost valuation policy for land and building assets for a not-for-profit non-reporting entity.
  5. How to develop a USP (unique selling proposition) for a public practice.

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