Accredited insolvency practitioners NZ

Become an accredited practitioner and be recognised for your ethical standards and professional competency

In brief

  • Accreditation for insolvency practitioners is open to New Zealand members only
  • Becoming accredited allows you to use an insolvency practitioners’ designation and be listed on our publically accessible registry
  • Accredited practitioners also need to observe additional rules and obligations that impact their continuing professional development

Why should I apply to be accredited?

From June 2020, the Insolvency Practitioner Licencing regime will apply and together with RITANZ, we established an accreditation regime to improve and enhance the ethical standards and professional competency of insolvency practitioners in New Zealand.

Accreditation allows those making insolvency appointments and the public to differentiate between those who meet the accreditation criteria and those who don’t.

Accredited insolvency practitioners are acknowledged as having appropriate experience, and are subject to a code of ethics, rules and standards, ongoing competency requirements, reviews and a disciplinary process.

Chartered Accountants ANZ and RITANZ both maintain a public register of accredited insolvency practitioners together with their contact details for the benefit of the public.

If you’re a member with us and you are granted accreditation status, you can use the designation "Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand Accredited Insolvency Practitioner (NZ)".

Members of RITANZ (who are not also members of Chartered Accountants ANZ) granted accreditation status can use the designation "RITANZ Insolvency Practitioner accredited by Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand".

Terms and conditions

Understand the terms and conditions that come with using the Accredited Insolvency Practitioner designation

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Who can apply?

New Zealand resident members of Chartered Accountants ANZ, non-member principals of NZICA and RITANZ members can apply for accreditation provided they meet the accreditation criteria.

In broad terms applicants need:

  • a CPP (if they are a member of CA ANZ)
  • to be a fit and proper person
  • appropriate practical insolvency experience at a senior level (CA ANZ members must have 1,000 hours over a three year period, RITANZ only members must have 2,000 hours over a three year period). Alternatively, applicants need to establish that they are “otherwise competent”
  • to have had acceptable practice review results
  • professional indemnity insurance appropriate for the nature of their business
  • to spend 30 hours of their overall CPD obligations on insolvency related training every three years

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How to apply

If you would like to apply for accreditation, please complete the relevant forms below and submit your application to Chartered Accountants ANZ for consideration.

Ongoing accredited member obligations

Our members need to comply with their current professional and ethical obligations.

Your CPD obligations will remain largely the same but accreditation will require you to undertake 30 hours of verifiable insolvency CPD over a three year period.

RITANZ only members will be subject to the NZICA Code of Ethics, Engagement Standard for Insolvency Engagements and related standards, and Rules for New Zealand Insolvency Practitioners Accredited by Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand.

You will need complete at least 30 CPD hours of verifiable insolvency training over a rolling three year period and comply with the CPD policy set for CA ANZ New Zealand resident members.

You will also need to file an annual return setting out the CPD you have done each year and confirming that you continue to meet the criteria for accredited status. A RITANZ only member will also be subject to practice review.


View the NZICA Rules, NZICA Code of Ethics and relevant professional and ethical standards

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Practitioner rules

Access the Accredited Insolvency Practitioner Rules

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Where to find help

If you require assistance in applying for accredited insolvency practitioner status or understanding your ongoing obligations, please contact the Customer Service Centre and ask to speak to the NZ Regulation team.

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