Life Memberships

Life Memberships recognise the exceptional career of, and contribution to the profession by senior members, widely respected in the community and profession.

Life Membership is the highest honour bestowed by CA ANZ. Rarely conferred, it recognises distinguished members who have had outstanding achievements in and contributions to the profession and CA ANZ at a high level over the course of their career for a sustained period.

CA ANZ Council may confer Life Membership on any full member who meets the criteria however it is conventionally a late-career award. Life members pay no fees and remain Life members until they leave membership. There is a cap of forty CA ANZ Life Members at any one time.   

Selection process

Nominees are initially identified and considered by Regional Councils. The CA ANZ Councillor for that Region advises the CEO of their intention to move the motion for the election of the nominee as a Life Member. The CA ANZ Council considers nominations at the last CA ANZ Council meeting of the year.

Members are not able to submit Life Membership nominations directly but may discuss potential candidates for consideration with their Regional Council or CA ANZ Regional Manager.

Current Life Members

  • Warren Allen FCA, 2010, Wellington
  • Richard Allert AO FCA, 2018 South Australia
  • Ian Ball FCA, 2012, Otago
  • Tony Burn FCA, 2013, Taranaki
  • Gill Cox FCA, 2017, Canterbury
  • Caji Desouza FCA, 2022, Queensland
  • Tony Frankham FCA, 2002, Auckland
  • David Gibbs AM FCA, 2020, Victoria
  • Robert Grice AO, FCA, 2003, Queensland
  • John Hagen FCA, 2005, Auckland
  • Peter Hays MNZM FCA, 1999 Auckland
  • Liz Hickey MNZM FCA, 2018 Auckland
  • Dianne Hill FCA, 2021 New South Wales
  • Murray Jack FCA, 2019, Wellington
  • Ross Ledger AM FCA, 2019, Western Australia
  • Ian Leggett FCA, 2018 London
  • David MacDonald FCA, 2011, Wellington
  • Sir Robert McLeod KNZM FCA, 2021 Auckland
  • Derek Parkin OAM FCA FAICD, 2022, Western Australia
  • Lynette Provost CNZM FCA, 2019, Wellington
  • Dennis Robertson FCA, 2020, New South Wales
  • Sir Brian Roche KNZM FCA, 2021, Wellington
  • Sue Sheldon CNZM FCA CFInst.D, 2018 Christchurch
  • John Shewan CNZM FCA, 2022, Wellington 
  • Eric Tracey FCA, 2020, London
  • Don Trow FCA, 2003, Wellington
  • Prof Antonius van Zijl FCA, 2019, Wellington
  • Christopher Welch FCA, 2020, London
  • Jan West AM FCA FAICD, 2022, Victoria

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