CA Study Masterclass (CASM)

Additional study support to accelerate CA candidates’ learning for future success

In Brief

  • Designed to support you in your CA Program learning
  • Assists you to prepare and approach assessments with confidence
  • Optional in-person or virtual study options *

*Subject to COVID-19 restrictions

What is CA Study Masterclass?

  • CA Study Masterclass provides additional support to accelerate your learning as you progress towards the successful completion of the CA Program.
  • We recognise that you operate in a complex industry and at times will need additional support. CA Study Masterclass provides you with that additional support to successfully undertake and complete the CA Program.

The benefits of CA Study Masterclass

  • The only study support developed and endorsed by CA ANZ and built around the CA Program timetable and schedule.
  • Get access to experienced, trained and endorsed CA facilitators.
  • Prepare and approach assessments with confidence.
  • Materials are aligned and consistent with the CA Program.
  • Course materials include practice questions and solutions, exam and assessment practice and study aids for each subject.
  • Build a support network and discuss learning with others.
  • Engage in cross-border networking opportunities with fellow candidates in international firms and organisations.
  • Access CA Study Masterclass from all locations and regions to suit your lifestyle or location.
  • Employers may choose to sponsor CASM for their employees as part of their employer value proposition or on an individual basis.

Why enrol in a CA Study Masterclass?

  • You're enrolled in a CA Program subject and you believe extra study support will help you be more directed and applied in your studies.
  • If you're completing a subject which you're less familiar with, or do not have regular exposure to in your job.
  • You're fast tracking the GradDipCA subjects and taking two subjects concurrently, and would like some extra support to help you with your workload.
  • You have additional pressures outside work and could use the extra support that CASM provides.

Differences between the CA Program and CASM

The CA Program is designed to develop work ready graduates and the program includes all necessary and relevant information required to successfully complete the CA Program and become a Chartered Accountant.

CASM is designed to provide study support for candidates completing the CA Program and does this by providing an environment for focused CA Program study, access to a CA ANZ facilitator and materials that are aligned with the CA Program and developed by CA ANZ.

Note: CASM candidates do not have access to additional information that would unduly advantage them over a candidate that does not enrol or participate in CASM.

CASM's workshops

CA ANZ monitors the enrolment of all candidates in CASM and ensures that workshops are offered and are available at times conducive in all major areas. CASM workshops are offered during times specifically intended to minimise the disruption to work responsibilities. Workshops occurring during work hours will be minimised and are offered to reflect differing needs.

CA Study Masterclass for the CA Program

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