We have developed a sustainability framework connecting many of our existing sustainability initiatives including modern slavery and responsible supply chain management.

As part of our strategic roadmap to 2025, the pillar on Sustainable profession and professional body includes initiatives that focus on sustainable practices and reporting for CA ANZ. As part of this initiative, we have developed a sustainability framework which connects to many of our existing sustainability initiatives including modern slavery and responsible supply chain management.

While we recognise we have an obligation to address social and environmental risks from an operational perspective, we also have a critical responsibility to ensure our members are aware of, and understand, these risks as well. This includes training and resources such as our Sustainability Playbook for SMEs as well as content on modern slavery, climate change and addressing non-financial risks.

CA ANZ also has a critical role in providing sound advice to help governments to create the policy and regulatory infrastructure necessary for a transition to a net zero carbon economy.  

CA ANZ is a member of, or partner to, several important organisations including the Deakin Centre for Integrated Reporting, the International Integrated Reporting Council, the United Nations Global Compact Network Australia and Accounting for Sustainability. Through our engagement with these organisations, we can better support our members to make business decisions for a more sustainable future and contribute the voice of our members to the dialogue.  

Our contribution to supporting a more sustainable future includes a strong collaboration with the academic sector to produce reports and modelling for example, on carbon capture for different tree species and ages in March 2021, which was the first comprehensive study of its kind in an Australian urban environment.  

Tools and Resources

Practical guidance for sustainability.

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Sustainable business

The role of accountants in sustainable business.

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CA ANZ Pathway to Net Zero Emissions

Our sustainability vision is in line with the UN Global Compact, to promote business that has a positive effect on the environment, community, society and economy.

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Integrated Reporting 

Both Integrated Reporting and our sustainability framework are key deliverables within our Strategic Initiatives under the third pillar (Sustainable profession and professional body) of our strategic roadmap to 2025. Various stakeholders, including our people and members who participate in our Sustainability Management Advisory Committee, contributed to a survey to prioritise the range of environmental, social and governance matters as part of the development of our sustainability framework. The framework will form the basis for a three-year plan to be launched in FY22.

Data on CA ANZ’s operational carbon emissions and energy usage from FY19 to FY21 has been collected in a carbon accounting report to track and benchmark our usage, inform our pathway toward carbon neutrality and, in time, CA ANZ will report progress on the reduction in emissions.

Sustainable profession and professional body

A practical guide for accountants in practice and finance teams in small and medium-sized organisations seeking to take sustainable action.

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First Nations engagement 

CA ANZ formalised its journey towards reconciliation with our Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) endorsed by Reconciliation Australia.

This action plan is focused on lifting employees’ cultural competency to support First Peoples’ sector plans, build employees’ understanding of the role they play in closing the inequality gap in Australia, and engaging in reconciliation with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. 

In New Zealand, the Māori strategy focuses on attracting Māori into accounting, member support and cultural competency within CA ANZ. To support our people, CA ANZ has launched an internal cultural competency program designed to uplift our awareness, understanding and connection with Te Ao Māori and our role as Treaty of Waitangi partners. CA ANZ has four cohorts of New Zealand leaders in weekly Te Reo Māori lessons and in August 2021 had a group of 30 leaders attend an immersive Te Ao Māori culture and history workshop at Mihiroa Marae in Pakipaki. CA ANZ have established portfolio responsibility for Kaupapa Māori on New Zealand Council to lead and guide this important kaupapa. 

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