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Regional Manager Update

October is always a busy month, but this year it seemed especially so with all of the activity around the grounds, for and on behalf of our members!

Recently we held our first joint networking event for Young CAs. Partnering with Perth Young Professionals, 85 attendees came together on 20th September to meet, mingle, and make contacts in the vibrant environs at Market Grounds. Our Young CAs Panel have been very busy, also taking time out of their busy schedules to assist the Cancer Council with their annual Relay for Life on 20th October. They cooked breakfast for the runners, walkers and staff; and the egg & bacon rolls with hash browns were warmly welcomed by some very tired but happy people after having been up and moving all night!

Our Careers team have been busy finalising placements with our participant member organisations for vacation work experience, with final positions being negotiated now. Also on the 26th September, invited first year university students participated in our annual employer walkabout, gaining valuable insight into selected organisations. Thanks so much to PwC, Pitcher Partners, Inpex and Australian Audit for showing these eager students around!

We celebrated Auditor Proud day on the 26th September, with a number of members getting into the day and displaying how proud they were to be working in audit – some lucky ones even got a thank-you cupcake for their efforts!

We welcomed CAANZ Reporting & Assurance Lead, Amir Ghandar, to Perth on 9th October for a special roundtable. Amir updated participants with recent developments in the pipeline. He also gave an insight into the submission being prepared by CAANZ to address the Audit Quality senate enquiry and received feedback and the WA viewpoint from members attending.

Our latest contingent of Mentor and Mentee pairs came together at the Mentor Exchange Launch, where we discussed the mentoring relationship, do’s and don’ts, and got feedback from previous participants in the program. We hope that all participants will enjoy the program and the mentoring experience.

Recap of the last month

Sharing Knowledge Session – ATO Focus and initiatives for small business

On 1st October we held our first Sharing Knowledge session in Joondalup. This fascinating seminar with Stephen Battaglia focused on the ATO and how they engage with tax professionals, tips for small businesses and the latest systems and tools that they are investigating.

Sharing Knowledge Session – ATO Focus and initiatives for small business

Diversity Series - Talking Mental Health

As part of Mental Health Week, on 8th October we welcomed three specialists in the WA business community, John Poulsen (Principal - People, Passion, Performance), Tasha Broomhall (Director - Blooming Minds) and Rahul Seth (Founder - Activate Mental Health). They covered areas such as creating a positive mental health culture in your organisation, identifying & supporting those with mental health challenges and the importance of community & social connection for mental health.

19th September – Half-Day Forum – Risk

At this first half-day session held in the Perth office in September, we took a deep dive into potential risks for members. Our presenters looked at business and individual risk, investigating the business brand, cyber-security awareness, professional liabilities and the costs of having an unhealthy organisational culture.

19th September – Half-Day Forum – Risk

Strategies for Success - Learning Bites

In the fourth session of this series on 18th September, Lisa Kazalac from Professional Vogue investigated how the individual can be perceived within your organisation. She explored the effect that one person’s moods could have, explained the significance of emotional intelligence and showed participants how to become more emotionally aware.

Executive Discussion Lunch – Managing Organisational Restructure

In this popular session where our CA members in executive roles come together, we welcomed Jenny Devine from Audrey Page & Associates, who looked at the hidden costs of organisational change. Jenny led a fantastic discussion on how to manage staff through change during an organisational restructure, the hidden costs and the perception that CFOs are increasingly seen by many organisations as change agents of the future and how to play a strategic role in driving cultural change.

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Upcoming Events

Building Knowledge Series: Not for Profits and Investing with Impact - 4 December 11.45am – 2.00pm

As a Charity or Not-for-Profit organisation, you want every dollar you send into the world to make an impact. How do you ensure that impact is best for the organisation and its purpose? What do you want your impact to be?

Join us as we welcome Nathan Lim, Morgan Stanley's Head of Wealth Management Research, to this Building Knowledge Session. Nathan will debunk the myths around sustainable strategies, discuss suitable Investing with Impact frameworks and provide attendees with tools and ideas to help achieve the next step of your impact goal.

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For more information about any upcoming session please email our Events Team

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