Date posted: 28/11/2022 3 min read

What’s new in Business Valuation: Update from Stephen Reid FCA

Find out what’s new in business valuation, from the Chair of the CA ANZ Business Valuation Committee.

In brief

  • The CA ANZ Business Valuation Conference in September attracted 275 delegates
  • Highlights included Chris Mercer, Dr Marc Broekema and Richard Stewart OAM, FCA
  • Recordings of the sessions are available for viewing online
  • Panellists agreed the narrative underpinning the valuation was the most important aspect of a business valuation report

The CA ANZ Business Valuation conference, held in September, was certainly a highlight for me, that brought together almost 300 members of the business valuation community to share technical insights and the latest thinking on the direction of our profession.

275 people attended the online conference, with 125 of them CA Business Valuation Specialists. All the sessions provided valuable insights and I thank all the speakers for their contribution to the conference. Difficult as it is to pick from such a high calibre conference, for me and based on delegate feedback, highlights came from two of the international speakers

The first was Chris Mercer, author of Business Valuation: An Integrated Theory, now in its third edition, and a recognised valuation authority. His session provided an integrated approach to looking at major valuation issues, and received exceptional feedback from attendees. Chris' latest book is available to CA ANZ members at the CA ANZ Library.

Another highlight was the talk by Dr Marc Broekema, who explained the potential for bias in valuations: Valuation mindset – the psychology of judgement and decision making. Read Marc’s full paper

CA Business Valuation Specialists enjoyed the additional session for specialists, Incorporating ESG in your Valuation, presented by Richard Stewart OAM FCA. If you are interested in finding out more about the topic Richard was also recently a panellist for the IVSC webinar The Evolution of ESG in Valuation, which is available to all online. You can also read Richard’s article on the topic, ESG decoded: the Value Ecosystem in this newsletter.

The amount of work that goes into producing such an event is not inconsiderable, so I would particularly like to thank the CA ANZ Business Valuation Committee and the CA ANZ staff behind the scenes who made it all happen.

If you registered for the Conference and would like to look back on the conference sessions, you can do so free-of-charge until 13 December. Or if you weren’t able to attend, you can now purchase the sessions online from the CA ANZ website.

Also a quick reminder that that the results from CA ANZ Survey are now available online providing insights from CA Business Valuation specialists around Australia and New Zealand. The report is always interesting reading, showing the changes impacting valuation practice year on year, so be sure to take a look.

We hope you enjoy the newsletter and as always look forward to hearing your feedback. If you have any suggestions for future content you would like us to share with the business valuation community, please get in touch [email protected].

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