Date posted: 20/02/2024

S4E2: Payday matters

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The results are in – and it’s CA ANZ’s ‘early-career’ members who are more likely to receive the highest percentage pay increase compared to their more experienced colleagues.

They expect more too.

So which members received higher bonuses and performance pay?

What about additional benefits?

And what’s the latest on the gender pay gap for chartered accountants?

If you haven’t had time to go through the latest CA ANZ Remuneration Survey Report – this episode is for you.

Charlotte Evett FCA, General Manager NZ Regions joins Gillian to take members through key data, and what it all means in the fight for talent and your plans to secure a pay increase.

“Young people, or those with less experience are not afraid to ask for pay rises.”
“We also asked about members’ expectations for their pay rises and whether these were met. With interest rates, inflation and the cost-of-living crisis combined with the shortage of talent across the accounting profession...that’s really resulted in a heightened interest in not only what people get paid but on the other benefits they receive as well.”
Charlotte Evett FCA, General Manager, NZ Regions

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