Date posted: 10/08/2023

S3E18: How to get help with ethical dilemmas

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Facing a complex ethical dilemma is a challenge and there’s no need to do it alone. The CA Advisory Group (CAAG) offers members free and confidential guidance to help them choose a course of action. In this episode, two senior members of the CA ANZ community explain what CAAG is, the sorts of challenging ethical situations it can help with and how to access it.  

Ross Jackson FCA, NZ CAAG Chair and Merran Brooks FCA, NSW CAAG Member join Gillian to discuss this important CA ANZ service. 

CA Advisory Group Information 

Other useful resources: 

Ethics Hub – support and guidance for members: In this hub you’ll find up to date information, tools and resources and our Practical Ethics Advice article series to help you manage ethical dilemmas in your workplace. CAAG sits here. 

Practical Ethics Advice Series: The Professional Standards team have created an article series based on real and current ethical issues raised by actual members. These topics range from: “How to handle a potential client with a criminal record,” “What can I share?” “How to manage third party requests for information” to “How to solicit new clients without crossing ethical lines”. 

The Professional Standards and Ethics Advisory Team: the team is available Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays) by telephone and also email. Get in touch here

The discussions in this episode are general in nature and each matter brought to CAAG is individually assessed to determined if it’s suitable for CAAG.