Date posted: 22/06/2023

S3E16: Reach your full potential

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Do you spend much time thinking about your potential or the potential of your business? What about how to REACH your full potential?

Learn about the gap between your potential as a human and what we believe we can do – personally and professionally.

This tailored discussion for SMPs and sole practitioners between Andy Fell, GiFT 631 Founder and Leadership/Business coach, and Gillian, promises to get the brain going.

Among the topics: how to silence your inner critic, understanding if time manages you or you manage time and why greatness requires stillness.

And what’s ‘The Rocking Chair Test and ‘The Whale Report’ – both could be key to your future success.

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"How often do you create complete stillness, isolate yourself from everything that’s going on and just think, how do I build a better firm? How do I build a better business? How do I serve my customers better? How do I get rid of more low value work? How do I improve the quality of my team?"
Andy Fell, GiFT631 Founder and Leadership/Business Coach