Date posted: 08/06/2023

S3E14: Public Practice Program Revamp

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The Public Practice Program (PPP) prepares practitioners for future success as a partner or sole practitioner. It’s designed to empower new practitioners with the practical business management skills, as well as a thorough grounding in the regulatory framework, required for managing a successful practice now and in the future.

The PPP has been revamped – with practitioners in New Zealand and Australia recently getting a taste of the refreshed leading-edge program.

This episode sits down with two facilitators – one from New Zealand and one from Australia – who helped bring the new program to life and are out teaching it as we speak.

Jason Driscole FCA and Kathryn Tarr FCA join Gillian to explain why it’s useful for SMPs.

Check out the Public Practice Program on the Chartered Accountants ANZ website

"This constant piece around revising what you’re doing, don’t make it static. What can we change to improve? And I think that’s what we’ve done with the Public Practice Program recently. That’s what practitioners should be thinking about for their businesses as well."
Kathryn Tarr FCA, Public Practice Program Facilitator