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  • Region update
  • Meet your SA-NT Council and Panels
  • CA’s new SA-NT Council leadership embraces diversity
  • Insolvency Reforms in AU
  • Report identifies key actions taken by leading finance teams during pandemic

Region Update

Welcome to 2021, from all of us at Chartered Accountants ANZ, we hope you had the opportunity to take a break after a tumultuous 2020 and are now ready to reset for what is sure to be an interesting year in the profession. You may have noticed a slight change to the format of this update, we have now moved to a Regional Hub approach which allows the SA/NT Office to provide more targeted information to our SA and NT Members. We hope you find this approach to me more relevant and engaging.

I’m please to advise that the Adelaide Office reopened from Monday 8 February and we look forward to welcoming back members and events this year. If any of our NT Members happen to be in Adelaide, feel free to drop in to say hello. The SA/NT Council recently held a very productive planning day under our new Chair Stacey Quinn and in collaboration with our various panels, we are preparing a full calendar of events and activities, both face-to-face and virtual, for SA and NT members over the next few weeks. One of our key priorities for 2021 is to better understand the needs of and enhance our service to NT and Regional Members and we are all very much looking forward to another great NT Forum in May.

In late 2020 we announced 222 new Fellowships across Australia with 2 of those from Northern Territory. Fellowships recognise exceptional members who have demonstrated their contribution to the accounting profession through services to their community, participation in professional bodies and dedication to research or writing within the accounting field. A very sincere congratulations to all of our new Fellows and especially our special NT recipients.

We are always keen to hear ideas from our members on how we can improve our service and there are a number of ways to engage with the local team, SA/NT Council and Panels online. Keep in mind we have the wonderful Jenna Swanson as Relationship Manager, based in Darwin, who is happy to respond to any local queries or suggestions. Please remember you can visit myCA, join our NT Members Facebook group or simply give us a call or email to stay informed.

Wishing you a great 2021 and I look forward to seeing you during the year.

Scott Jones
SA-NT Regional Manager

Meet your 2021 SA-NT Council and Panels

Our SA-NT Council and Panels are all geared up to engage and connect with members across SA-NT and work to the organisation strategy and what that will look like at a local level.  

Our SA-NT Council is now also in place with the appointment of Stacey Quinn FCA as Chair and Suranie Alwis FCA Vice Chair.   

We have also created infographics for each panel that outline panel members, panel mission and vision as well as details on how to connect.  

Your council and panels are representing you and the membership. Please reach out if you wish to connect to share ideas and opportunities.

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CA’s new SA-NT Council leadership embraces diversity

CA’s SA-NT council has all-female leadership and a 50/50 gender balance for the first time.

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Insolvency Reforms in AU

Reforms see changes to applying and continuing to be a registered liquidator as well as an extension to temporary restructuring relief

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Meet the CA helping taxis fly

Flying taxi, anyone? Lauren Zwierlein CA, head of finance at Lilium, says it will be a reality in just five years.

As Lauren Zwierlein CA progressed through a series of interviews with Munich-based start-up Lilium, she was “super sceptical”. The company was developing an electric vertical take-off and landing jet for “regional urban air mobility” – in other words, a jet-powered taxi that could fly across the countryside.

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Report identifies key actions taken by leading finance teams during pandemic

Report highlights the essential role Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) and finance teams play in supporting their organisations and the wider economy to transition from impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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CA ANZ Member Benefits Program - Making a difference to your membership

The CA ANZ Member Benefits Program has been designed with you with in mind. Providing a variety of carefully selected brands supporting you in your personal and professional lives. We select partners based on shared values and understanding of the daily pressures and needs you face.

Our goal is to deliver value through unique member support and promotions. We work closely with our partners to make a difference through the provision of timely, relevant benefits.

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Tips for discussing life insurance with your partner

Many people feel uneasy about initiating the ‘life insurance talk’ with their partner. That’s understandable. But if you’re determined to help safeguard the future of your family and need to have the conversation, here are four tips on how you might go about it in a sensitive but effective way.

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