Date posted: 12/10/2016 8 min read

New leading edge Public Practice Program for Chartered Accountants

Designed to empower practitioners to meet the changing demands of the finance and business world, the Program has been developed from extensive research and expert insights, using best-practice learning methods.

Stephen Carpenter, General Manager, Lifelong Learning, Chartered Accountants ANZ explains the objectives of the new program:

“The new Chartered Accountants ANZ Public Practice Program represents our commitment to provide members with access to leading-edge professional development programs that drive career growth and future success.”
Stephen Carpenter GM Lifelong Learning

Research reveals that 50% of students believe they don’t need a classroom to learn and that 39% view the future of education being more virtual. With people being more mobile and time poor than ever, offering on-demand eLearning modules creates the convenience and flexibility that Chartered Accountants need to thrive.

Regulatory compliance and technical skills can be completed online on-demand at practitioners’ own pace then practically applied in an interactive two-day workshop. This face-to-face component presents the opportunity to be more collaborative than ever. Focusing on business management skills such as communication, people skills and critical thinking, practitioners will have the opportunity to resolve real-life problems together with like-minded peers.

According to David Armstrong, Chairman of Public Practice Advisory Committee and Principal of Downes Barrington Northside, public practice is all about people and communication; balancing the benefits and prevalence of technology in business. “People skills are so important now as people do business with those they know and trust.”

From Mr Armstrong’s experience, the breadth of skills you learn in public practice and the diversity of the clients you work on mean you never stop learning and challenging yourself. “You have to reinvent yourself in order to be equipped to face each business’ challenges, and think more strategically about how to service each individual client.”

Our aim for the Public Practice Program is to empower practitioners with all the practical and technical skills to build a prosperous career in public practice.

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