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Meet our NSW Public Sector Advisory Panel

Hear from the NSW Public Sector Advisory Panel about their passion and views of the sector.

In mid-2021, Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CA ANZ) created the Public Sector Advisory Panel (PSAP) to discuss and provide insights on matters happening in the public sector.

We continue to introducing members of PSAP in this article and learn about their contributions to the public sector.  Keep your eye out on our NSW Regional Hub to meet more members.

Anita Young  CA is a Senior Financial Analyst at NSW Treasury. Anita has been an accountant for over 14 years, working in various companies including the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, The Banktech Group and BDO Australia. Anita holds a range of university degrees including a Master of Professional Accounting from the University of New South Wales. 

When asking Anita what she is passionate about, her answer is continuous learning as well as contributing to a world class CA community as a member of PSAP. Anita joined PSAP to represent the interest of members in the public sector, to ensure they maximise opportunities and to share her knowledge and experience. 

Anita’s advice for members is that “time is of the essence”. Using this as a guide in her career, Anita has taken on multiple roles, including becoming an advisory board member of the NSW Community of Finance Professionals (CoFP) as well as leading the annual NSW Treasury CoFP event.

Anita Young

Anita Young

Joy Milag CA is the Director of Financial Management and Reporting at the Department of Communities and Justice. Joy has been in the role since 2019, having previously fulfilled roles at KPMG in the areas of audit, tax and advisory throughout a range of industries including the public sector. Some of those roles had Joy working around Australia, North America and Europe.  

Joy joined the public sector for a number of reasons including to strengthen and improve financial management practices in the public sector and to give confidence to citizens that they are receiving value in services provided. Joy joined PSAP to elevate the CA experience and qualification so it is seen as valuable when navigating challenges faced in the public sector. Joy demonstrates her reasons for joining PSAP in her piece of advice for all members, which is to take time to understand what you value in your CA career. Joy encourages members to use this advice as a compass to ensure that you find joy and purpose. 

When Joy isn’t contributing to the CA community or the public sector, you may find her pottering around the garden or enjoying the local parks with her family. It is also important to find something positive in adversity and to have a laugh, this is Joy’s way of staying calm and grounded. 

Joy Milag

Joy Milag

Tim Kirby FCA could be called the captain of problem solvers, as he runs a team of problem solvers in the Department of Planning and Environment. Before working at the Department, Tim worked at various agencies both at state and national level, in roles that aim to improve regulatory processes. 

Tim believes that working to optimise the public sector is one of the biggest contributions members  can make in their career as the outcomes are well beyond what can be achieved on a business-to-business scale. 

Tim no longer works in accounting but still uses his CA skills every day through driving better collaboration across government. He urges new CAs to be conscious in how they think and act, and be collaborative both with clients and in the workplace. Just as we know Tim has a fruitful career in front of him, so does he, saying that his foundation as a CA and the backing of CA ANZ will be fundamental to whatever his next step is.

Tim Kirby

Tim Kirby

The public sector is an industry that is ever growing with more Chartered Accountants opting to work in, to make a contribution to the community. Through viewing the careers, passions and lives of members of our PSAP it allows us to see what makes working in the Public Sector so interesting. Our Public Sector Advisory Panel flyer below outlines our members that make the panel. 

“Tim believes that working to optimise the public sector is one of the biggest contributions members can make in their career as the outcomes are well beyond what can be achieved on a business-to-business scale”
Tim Kirby FCA

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