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  1. NZ COVID response resources

    A range of resources and information to help members and their clients navigate Covid...

  2. Workplaces must continue to play their part

    The current New Zealand COVID-19 lockdowns highlights the need for workplaces to do their bit...

  3. ‘A new way of working’ – ongoing tax implications of working from home

    Inland Revenue have issued a variation to determination EE002 – payments to employees for working from home costs during the COVID-19 pandemic...

  4. The first month of COVID-19 response

    The New Zealand Government’s first COVID-19 assistance announcement was made on 17 March. We have summarised all of the announcements so you can choose the best options for you and your clients. CA...

  5. New Zealand tax treatment of COVID-19 measures

    The IR website has up to date information on depreciation on commercial buildings, the provisional tax threshold, low-value assets thresholds, Research & Development Tax Credit refunds and Use of...

More Useful Resources

A collection of extra information and useful links that further unpacks the range of challenges that you may be facing during this time.

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