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  1. Tapering of COVID-19 support

    Federal, NSW and VIC Government announce tapering plans for COVID-19 support payments once reaching vaccination milestones...

  2. Summary of ACT COVID-19 lockdown business support

    Outlined below is a summary of government support to help businesses during the extended COVID-19 lockdown announced from August 2021. Chartered Accountants can help businesses break down the...

  3. Summary of SA COVID-19 business support

    Support measures introduced to help SA businesses impacted by the July 2021 COVID-19 lockdown and ongoing COVID-19 restrictions...

  4. Summary of VIC COVID-19 business support

    Support measures introduced to help VIC businesses during the COVID-19 lockdown and in recovery...

  5. Summary of NSW COVID-19 lockdown business support

    Support measures introduced to help NSW businesses during the extended 2021 COVID-19 lockdown...

  6. Key questions about NSW COVID-19 assistance

    The 2021 roll-out of COVID assistance in NSW is very different to that which occurred in 2020. Many key questions still need to be answered...

  7. Responding to requests from your client’s financiers

    Members are advised to exercise a high degree of caution and when responding to requests from your client’s financiers...

  8. Helping your clients access COVID-19 financial support

    Considerations for accountant sign-offs for COVID-19 related assistance...

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