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COVID-19 Sharing Knowledge Webinar Sessions: Australia

Helping AU members navigate COVID-19 government responses and measures.

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Updated 24 February 2021

COVID-19 Sharing Knowledge Webinar Sessions

In response to the economic impact of COVID-19, governments and banking institutions are working to offer support for businesses during these unprecedented time.

To assist members to navigate the many and continually evolving subsidies, schemes and packages, Chartered Accountants ANZ are holding regular Q&A Sharing Knowledge webinars.

Below you will find these recordings for your reference.

AU COVID-19 My CA group

Join the discussion with CA colleagues and experts on Coronavirus implications in Australia.

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The Payment Times Reporting (PTR) Scheme - Are you ready to report?

Recorded: 18/2/2021

Panellists: Tegan Johnson, Manager, Department of Industry Science, Energy and Resources
Vince Dimasi CA, Partner, KPMG and Australian Lead, Payment Times Reporting Practice

Martyn Roberts, GCFO, Ramsay Health Care and Deputy Chair at G100 

How to re-imagine, reset and refocus yourself for 2021

Recorded: 17/12/2020

Pete Clark, Executive Mindset Coach at 21 Whispers
Ainslie van Onselen, CEO of CA ANZ

Simon Grant FCA, Group Executive Advocacy, Professional Standing at CA ANZ

Power Productivity - How to switch on to get more done and switch off to recharge

Recorded: 5/11/2020

Pete Clark, Director at 21 Whispers

Catherine Kennedy FCA, Manager Segment Support at CA ANZ

Payment Times Reporting Scheme

Recorded: 2/11/2020

Tegan Johnson, Manager - Payment Times Implementation Team at Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources

Janelle Hopkins FCA, CFO at REA Group and Chairman at Group of 100

Unpacking Xero Small Business Pandemics Insights for SMP

Recorded: 29/10/2020

Sue Pak FCPA, Head of Accounting at Xero and CA ANZ Councillor
Matthew Prouse, Head of Industry at Xero and Director of ABSIA

Heather Smith FCA, FCCA, FICB, ANISE Consulting and Ambassador for Innovation at CA ANZ

What do we need to do to Keep Accountants in Financial Advice?

Recorded: 23/10/2020

Simon Grant FCA, Group Executive Advocacy, Professional Standing at CA ANZ
Bronny Speed FCA, Leader - Financial Advice, Financial Planning Specialist at CA ANZ

Ernie Tatarelli FCA, Financial Planning Specialist at Tatarelli Consulting Pty Ltd

CA ANZ talks to the ATO about SMSF auditors

Recorded: 22/10/2020

Kellie Grant, Director SMSF Auditors Portfolio at ATO
Amir Ghandar FCA, Reporting and Assurance Leader at CA ANZ

Tony Negline CA, Superannuation Leader at CA ANZ

Financing Small Business

Recorded: 16/10/2020

Bronny Speed FCA, Leader - Financial Advice at CA ANZ
Patricia Kruse, Senior Business Development Manager at ScotPac
Jo Carroll, Director of Client Services at Mortgage Direct

Susan Franks, Senior Tax Advocate at CA ANZ

Accountants @ the coalface of the business crisis: Supporting yourself, staff and clients during the COVID-19 pandemic

Recorded: 15/10/2020

Michael O'Hanlon - Workplace Engagement Manager at Beyond Blue

Catherine Kennedy FCA - Manager Segment Support at CA ANZ

2020 Federal Budget - Debrief and Analysis

Recorded: 8/10/2020

Michael Croker CA - Australian Tax Leader at CA ANZ
Tony Negline CA - Head of Superannuation at CA ANZ

Liz Stamford CA - General Manager Australian Regions at CA ANZ

Cost Reduction Amid COVID-19 and Beyond

Recorded: 2/10/2020

David Rounsevell, Managing Director at Expense Reduction Analysts

Justin Lachal, Asia Pacific Project Manager, IFRS 16 Implementation at JLL

Apply your own oxygen mask - Practical tips to navigate wellbeing

Recorded: 1/10/2020

Dr. Kathryn McEwen, Global Lead - Working With Resilience
Tracey Gavegan, Director - Unyoke

Catherine Kennedy, Manager Segment Support - CA ANZ

JobKeeper Extension to March 2021 - New Legislative Instruments Changing the Payment Scheme

Recorded: 25/9/2020

Michael Croker CA - Australian Tax Leader at CA ANZ
Peter McGinty - Senior Tax Trainer at CA ANZ

Using the Cash Flow Coaching Kit to Help Small Businesses in Crisis

Recorded: 24/9/2020

Michelle Wenzel - Director, Project Manager - Cash Flow Coaching Kit Implementation Team, Small Business Experience at ATO
Lorelie Roe - Senior Professional Advisor - Cash Flow Coaching Kit Implementation Team, Small Business Experience at ATO
Mark Susnja - Professional Advisor - Cash Flow Coaching Kit Implementation Team, Small Business Experience at ATO
Susan Franks - Senior Tax Advocate at CA ANZ

Cash Flow Resources

Artificial intelligence 101: Empowering your Practice with Proven Principles

Recorded: 18/9/2020

Grant Quick - Senior Solutions Engineer at Intuit
Felicity Hill CA - Director at Greenlion Limited
Alan Fitzgerald - Technology Agnostic Advocate at Practice Connections Advisory
Shaye Thyer CA - Director of Sales at MindBridge Ai

Lifting your Impact – The Strategic Finance Leader

Recorded: 11/9/2020

Rob Arthur CA - Partner, Strategy Consulting at McGrath Nicol
Brad Eisenhuth - CEO & Founder at The Outperformer
Linda Waddington Miller - Commercial Director - Business Initiatives at Lion.

JobKeeper extension to March 2021 - Wage subsidy and workplace arrangements

Recorded: 10/9/2020

Katie Sweatman - Partner, Kingston Reid
Christa Lenard - Partner, Kingston Reid
James McPhedran, Senior Tax and Superannuation Trainer, CA ANZ.

Key Pillars of Business Advisory Success

Recorded: 21/08/2020

Aidan Parsons, Director, The Outperformer
Brad Eisenhuth, CEO, The Outperformer
Tom Roberts, Manager, HLB Mann Judd
Andrew Ash, Manager, HLB Mann Judd

Key year end reporting and auditing considerations

Recorded: 14/08/2020

Anne Waters - Senior Project Manager, AUASB
Helena Simkova - Acting Technical Director, AASB
James Barden - Assistant Senior Manager, AASB.

Succeeding as a sole practitioner throughout the COVID-19 crisis

Recorded: 13/08/2020

- Lynne Wilkins CA - Bizworx Consultancy Limited, Waikato
- Ben Wong CA - Precise Tax Solution, Sydney
- Elliott Brannen CA - Tempo Tax and Accounting, Perth

Heather Smith FCA - Ambassador for Innovation, CA ANZ

JobKeeper 2.0 Explained - Practical Application

Recorded: 30/07/2020

- Michael Croker CA - CA ANZ's Australian Tax Leader
- Simon Grant FCA ACCA - Group Executive, Advocacy & International.

Achieving Business Goals Through Digital Transformation and Marketing Strategy

Recorded: 24/07/2020

Dinesh De Silva, CEO - NetStripes
David Breust, Chief Marketing Officer - CA ANZ.

Tax Update with Michael Croker

Recorded: 16/07/2020

Michael Croker CA, CA ANZ Australian Tax Leader
Special Guest:
Hoa Wood, ATO Deputy Commissioner, Individuals & Intermediaries.

Strategies to convert client engagement into revenue opportunities

Recorded: 10/07/2020

Speaker: John Schol CA, CEO, Malloch McClean

What the Australian Economy will look like for your business & clients in a COVID-19 world

Recorded: 02/07/2020

- David Rumbens, Partner, Deloitte Access Economics
- Simon Grant FCA, Group Executive, International Development and Advocacy & Professional Standards, CA ANZ

Developing a successful 90 day plan for your practice

Recorded: 19/06/2020

- Sharon McClafferty, CEO, Slipstream Coaching

Bringing the workforce back & opening up for business

Recorded: 22/05/2020

- Lucy Shanahan, Partner, Kingston Reid
- Emily Baxter, Senior Associate, Kingston Reid
Chairperson: Peter Vial FCA, NZ Group Executive, Advocacy & Professional Standing, CA ANZ

Businesses in distress: What are the options and strategies?

Recorded: 21/05/2020

- Andrew Barnden FCA, Director, Rodgers Reidy, and Insolvency Management Committee
- Andrew Heard FCA, Director, Heard, Phillips & Lieberenz, and Insolvency Management Committee
- Alice Ruhe CA, Partner, SMB Advisory, and Insolvency Management Committee
Chairperson: Shumit Banerjee CA, Director, SVPartners

Tips on managing clients effectively through COVID & beyond

Recorded: 08/05/2020

- Aly Garrett FCA, Founder and Principal, All In Advisory
- Andrew Van Der Beek CA, Director, Illumin8
- David Boyar FCA, General Manager – Growth, ChangeGPS
- Steve Mundy CA, Director, Auctus Advisory Limited
Moderator: Alan Fitzgerald, Technology Agnostic Advocate, Practice Connections Advisory

Australia: JobKeeper Package Alternative Test

Recorded: 01/05/2020

- Michael Croker CA, Australian Tax Leader, CA ANZ
- James McPhedran, Senior Tax Trainer, CA ANZ
- Bruce Thomas, Senior Tax Trainer, CA ANZ
Moderator: Heather Smith FCA, FCCA, FICB

Corporate: Forecasting in an uncertain world

Recorded: 30/04/2020

- Caroline Plowman, CEO, National Mini Storage
- Liam Crawley, CFO, Wyndham Vacation Clubs Asia Pacific
- Lance Rubin, Director, Model Citizn
Moderator: Linda Waddington-Miller, Commercial Director, LION

Australia: JobKeeper Package Arrangements for Employers and Employees

Recorded: 23/04/2020

- Kristen Wydell, GM Professional Standards, CA ANZ
- Duncan Fletcher, Partner, Kingston Reid
- Christa Lenard, Partner, Kingston Reid
- Katie Sweatman, Special Counsel, Kingston Reid
Moderator: Heather Smith FCA, FCCA, FICB

Please note: We have been made aware that an answer given by a panel member was inconsistent with government advice. To avoid confusion, we have edited out that question and the answer from the recording. For more information, please see extract below from the Treasury website:


Eligible small businesses can receive the 50 per cent wage subsidy for apprentices and trainees in the Supporting Apprentices and Trainees measure from 1 January to 31 March 2020, and the JobKeeper Payment. Where small businesses receive the JobKeeper Payment, they are not eligible to receive the apprentice and trainee wage subsidy from 1 April 2020 onwards. Further information on the Supporting Apprentices and Trainees measure is available on the Treasury website at

Australia: JobKeeper Payments Explained

Recorded: 16/04/2020

- Michael Croker CA, AU Tax Leader,
- James McPhedran CA, Senior Tax Trainer
- Bruce Thomas, Senior Tax Trainer
Moderator: Heather Smith CA

Australia: Navigating JobKeeper Payments

Recorded: 09/04/2020

- Michael Croker CA, AU Tax Leader,
- James McPhedran CA, Senior Tax Trainer
- Bruce Thomas, Senior Tax Trainer
Moderator: Heather Smith CA

Australia: Government Stimulus Package

Recorded: 03/04/2020

- Michael Croker CA, AU Tax Leader,
- James McPhedran CA, Senior Tax Trainer
- Peter McGinty, Senior Tax Trainer
Moderator: Heather Smith CA

These sessions are intended to provide general information only. The opinions and views of the speakers or participants in this session are not, necessarily, the views of CA ANZ and are not endorsed by CA ANZ. CA ANZ does not expect or invite any person to act or rely on any statement, view or opinion expressed in this session and provides no warranty about the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of the session. You must seek your own independent advice before relying or providing advice to others based on this session.