Date posted: 13/11/2020 3 min read

Episode 1: Cormac Denton on resilience & engaging a growth mindset

Cormac Denton CA, former CFO at Kāpura and incumbent Finance Director at PAE New Zealand, talks to Chartered Accountants Australia & New Zealand Regional Manager, Mike O’Leary, about the personal and professional sacrifices he’s made since the COVID-19 crisis hit.

In brief

  • Times of crisis encourage us to reflect on our lives, work and personal level of resilience
  • During COVID, Kāpura underwent a restructure which left its CFO, Cormac Denton CA, out of a job
  • Cormac recommends engaging a growth mindset to both build personal resilience, and drive business transformation

The events of 2020 have revealed that being adaptable is a key life, career and business skill. As we head into an uncertain future, professionals will need to constantly update their skills and perspectives to keep up. So, how do you become adaptable?

The COVID-19 crisis brought with it many challenges - from anxiety and economic hardship to adapting to the new normal of working from home and virtual meetings. For businesses and individuals alike, staying afloat required fast, smart action.

For Cormac Denton CA, that action was the development and implementation of Kāpura's critical management plan, which ultimately led to a restructure that left him out of a job.

"Every restructure we'd done prior was about growth, about divvying up responsibilities appropriately so people could get through. But this one was heart wrenching. I know the two founders shed tears that day."

"It made us reassess our life. When we're sitting there on our deathbed, what's the most important thing? And what do we want to do, both in our time in work, and also, in our leisure time? So for me, that's a big take home."
Cormac Denton, Former CFO at Kāpura and incumbent Finance Director at PAE New Zealand.

Crises cause us to reassess how we work and live, and reflect on our resilience skills. To bounce back from hardship stronger than before, Denton recommends engaging a 'growth mindset' - thinking about how you can extend yourself and improve your business.

"If you're interested in changing and really getting in that growth mindset, you have to be comfortable that what you're doing today, you won't be doing tomorrow. Once you get that, you have some really interesting and open conversations with people," says Denton.

Find out how Denton navigated some very difficult decisions duing lockdown, and how he's already working to move the needle in the early days of his new role as Finance Director at PAE New Zealand.

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