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  • Regional Managers update
  • Upcoming events for March 2020
  • Upcoming events for April 2020 and Beyond

Regional Managers update

Public Sector Forum:

As the year gains momentum, the ACT Regional office of CA ANZ has announced a swathe of activities and events for the first quarter of the year. This year the ACT Regional Council is led by Chair, Shawn Quinton FCA, with a host of new faces on Council focussed on ensuring the ACT region’s 2,100 members are engaged with the issues that directly face the profession.

There are also new members of the ACT team led by Jamie Penrose, who replaces Renee le Grande as Regional Manager. David Jukes has joined the team as the Senior Account Manager alongside Amy Carolan as Careers Engagement Manager. Ashely Wilkes joins Deborah Harper as an Events specialist.

The ACT regions membership continues to grow alongside participation in our core initiatives such as the CA program and our Building and Sharing Knowledge series supporting your CPD requirements. With an emphasis and focus on issues that directly relate to your technical skills and practice issues this year will afford many opportunities to engage, participate and contribute.

Upcoming events for March 2020

ACT Public Sector Forum – The Impact of Climate Change on Industry

Friday 13 March 2020

It has been a summer of extreme weather in Australia, with the concept of climate change at the forefront of many mind. But how exactly will climate change impact business? This facilitated panel discussion will focus on how climate change risks are now presenting as foreseeable risks for organisations.

Sharing Knowledge – ACT Landholder Duty 2020

Wednesday 18 March 2020

The ACT Revenue Office will present an information session on landholder duty. The presentation will cover key concepts of ACT landholder duty using some practical examples, including when a liability may arise, who is liable to pay and when. The Revenue Office’s current landholder compliance program will be discussed, including information on how to disclose past or future landholder duty liabilities.

Upcoming events for April 2020 and beyond

YCA Soccer Day

Friday 3 April 2020

Come and join the YCA for their annual Soccer Day on Friday 3 April. Will your team be the one to win the trophy this year? Place are limited, so be sure to keep an eye on your inbox to know when registration opens.

ACT Member events

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