Australian Federal Budget 2019-20

An opportunity for long-term reform as election looms.

In brief

  • Australia’s Federal Budget handed down on 2 April forecasts a return to surplus of $7.1 billion next financial year
  • Taxes will be a key battleground in the federal election with the Budget proposing deep cuts to personal income tax
  • CA ANZ Tax Leader Michael Croker CA and Superannuation Leader Tony Negline CA will continue to update this page with expert analysis and commentary

The Coalition handed down a pre-election budget promising $158 billion of personal income tax cuts over a decade, small business tax concessions and large infrastructure spending aimed at easing congestion in cities.

The Budget ensures tax will be a key battleground in the May 2019 Federal election.

The opposition Australian Labor Party has already announced its own ambitious tax agenda if it wins government.

Federal Budget Insights Report 2019-20


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Strategic Tax Planning Day 2019

Join us at our upcoming Strategic Tax Planning Day to hear from CA ANZ’s senior leaders who will be giving their official response to the budget and take a deep-dive look into the tax implications that could arise from the Federal Election.

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