Australian Federal Budget 2019-20

An opportunity for long-term reform as election looms.

In brief

  • Australia’s Federal Budget handed down on 2 April forecasts a return to surplus of $7.1 billion next financial year
  • Taxes will be a key battleground in the federal election with the Budget proposing deep cuts to personal income tax
  • CA ANZ Tax Leader Michael Croker CA and Superannuation Leader Tony Negline CA will continue to update this page with expert analysis and commentary

The Coalition handed down a pre-election budget promising $158 billion of personal income tax cuts over a decade, small business tax concessions and large infrastructure spending aimed at easing congestion in cities.

The Budget ensures tax will be a key battleground in the May 2019 Federal election.

The opposition Australian Labor Party has already announced its own ambitious tax agenda if it wins government.

Federal Budget Insights Report 2019-20


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