Date posted: 25/03/2024

Survey reveals positive community impacts made by CA ANZ members

Chartered Accountants continue to have a positive impact on charities and not-for-profits, according to a new survey. Across Australia and New Zealand, members are making a difference in voluntary and pro bono roles, as well as in paid employment.

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In brief

  • CA ANZ members continue to make a significant contribution to society, with one in five respondents (20%) working in paid jobs for charities or not-for-profits (CNFPs)
  • The data shows our members are making a difference by ranking “helping the community” as the main motivator for engaging with CNFPs
  • CA ANZ remains committed to supporting members to apply their professional skills in the CNFP sector

A new report summarises the findings of a recent survey exploring the work that members do in the charity and not-for-profit sector. Counting For A Cause details the remarkable breadth and depth of members' impacts, supporting causes including sustainability, education, community sports, and cultural institutions.

Conducted in 2023, the survey is the third of its kind, following similar surveys in 2021 and 2016. The report details many of the stand-out findings about how, when, why and where members are making an impact. It also identifies some of the barriers that prevent members from doing more, and how CA ANZ can assist them further.

Survey findings at a glance

One in five respondents (20%) have paid jobs in charities or not-for-profits (CNFPs), and more than half of those members (55%) also undertake voluntary work outside their employment. A further 59% of total respondents work outside the CNFP sector while providing voluntary support in their own time.

In their work, members fulfil a wide variety of roles and apply a range of skills. When employed at CNFPs, more than one third of members (37%) now contribute to strategic planning. In a voluntary capacity, members commonly serve as board directors, trustees, treasurers, and finance directors.

Members’ commitment runs deep, too. Six out of ten members (61%) who volunteer say they devote their time and skills to three or more CNFP organisations. A similar proportion (59%) have been involved in pro bono or voluntary work for 10+ years. The average number of pro bono/volunteering hours worked per week per member remains higher in 2023 (3.7 hours) than in 2016 (3.2 hours).

Download Counting For A Cause for a deeper dive into the survey findings, including what motivates members to volunteer, what members' future intentions are, and how CA ANZ is supporting members who work for CNFPs.