Date posted: 12/08/2022

New CA ANZ survey highlights skilled professionals lost due to visa delays

Australia’s leading professional services firms facing ongoing workforce challenges

In Brief

  • The survey revealed almost 1,000 auditor vacancies, up from 888 in 2021, and almost 2,000 non-audit vacancies across the 18 firms.
  • The roles were mostly for junior and intermediate level professionals, and on average it is taking three to six months to fill them.
  • Crucially, many candidates are offered roles but are being lost due to visa delays.

In July 2022, CA ANZ surveyed 18 Australian professional services and audit firms (ranging from small to large) on the topics of job vacancies, recruitment, and skilled migration challenges to highlight the ongoing workforce challenges facing Australia’s professional services firms.

Summary of the survey results:

  • 997 auditor vacancies (2021: 888) and 1,971 non-audit vacancies were identified, mainly for junior and intermediate level professionals. On average roles are taking 3 to 6 months to fill
  • The firms surveyed had 519 candidate skilled visa applications outstanding. Of that, 320 were for auditors, 93 for general accountants, and 106 for other skilled occupations.
  • Visas are taking on average between one and three months to obtain, with some firms reporting delays up to six months or longer.
  • On average, the firms lost between one and 50 candidates who pulled out with visa delays being a key factor.
  • Staffing shortages are leading to a range of impacts including current staff being over worked, inability to service clients or take on new work, and problems meeting deadlines.

CA ANZ is actively engaged with the Federal Government including Treasury and Home Affairs/Immigration regarding the overall issues raised and specifically, improving visa processing times.

The media have brought attention to these issues reporting on CA ANZ’s survey and position in the Australian Financial Review (paywall) a story also picked up by The Age, and the Sydney Morning Herald as their ‘Quote of the Day.’.