Date posted: 14/11/2022

New insights give small businesses practical sustainability tools

A new insight series from ACCA and Chartered Accountants ANZ, built on the popular ‘How SMEs can create a more sustainable world’ playbook, provides guidance for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to embed sustainable practice in their businesses.

SMEs, which include small and medium accounting practices play a critical role in the transition to a sustainable future. SMEs are vital to employment, food production and distribution, construction, health and wellbeing and the delivery of vital services. Collectively, they have a major economic impact and are essential to environmental and social change.

However, for SMEs with small teams, finding practical ways to embed better practice can be a challenge.

The new insight series covers five key areas: the role of SMEs; developing a sustainability strategy; climate and the environment; waste and the circular economy; and social sustainability.

ACCA Chief Executive Helen Brand commented on the significant role accountants play in leading SMEs through this transition: “As a huge source of employment and production around the world, the actions of SMEs are critical to a more sustainable future. Many thousands of our members work in small and medium-sized accountancy firms and support SMEs on their sustainability. From analysing data and business models to reporting on non-financial metrics and setting strategic aims – accountants have a vital role to play.”

The latest guide, ‘How SMEs can create a more sustainable world’ provides a range of resources and insights as well as setting out the business case for SMEs. This includes how embedding sustainability can strengthen the supply chain, drives down costs, create value, attract talent, and improve access to finance.

Insight series: How SMEs can create a more sustainable world

This insight series provides succinct guidance to assist small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and practices to embed sustainable practice in their businesses.

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CA ANZ Business Reform Leader Karen McWilliams FCA says that increasingly, SMEs are renewing their social license to operate, by embedding sustainable practice.

“There’s a huge opportunity for businesses to embrace sustainable practice in their operations, and at a minimum, sustainability planning is part of maintaining a social licence with clients and customers. Accountants can both start and lead the conversation using this insights series.”

“The uptake of the original SME sustainability playbook showed there is huge appetite within small and medium business sector, for sustainability. These insights make the original content even more usable for accountants and businesses.”

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