Date posted: 26/08/2019 2 min read

Submission on Request to amend assessments ED0216

The CA ANZ NZ Tax Team recently provided feedback on the draft Standard Practice Statement which sets out how the Commissioner will exercise discretion under s 113 of the Act.

CA ANZ recently provided feedback on this draft Standard Practice Statement (SPS) that sets out how the Commissioner will exercise her discretion under s 113 of the Tax Administration Act 1994 to amend assessments to ensure their correctness.

The draft SPS is broadly the same as SPS 16/01 but has been updated to show how the following legislative changes interact with s 113:

  • an amendment request made by a taxpayer using MyIR to modify an existing return;
  • an amendment of income information by a qualifying individual (i.e. a person who only has reportable income) pre or post assessment; and
  • correcting minor errors in a future return.

We are pleased the SPS is being updated to cover the above items.

Fairness is an important factor in supporting voluntary compliance. As a result, CA ANZ believe that the Commissioner should consider all requests irrespective of whether the s 113 requests results in tax payable or a tax refund.

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