Date posted: 30/03/2021

Submission on the Climate Change Commission’s draft advice

The Climate Change Commission called for submissions on it draft advice (the draft advice) to the Government on what is needed to meet the Paris Agreement obligations.

Key points from our submission include:

  • CA ANZ continues to be an advocate for, and supporter of, a just transition to a low-emissions economy. As a professional body, CA ANZ seeks to advocate in the public good on policy areas that impact our members, the profession and the public. Good public policy plays an important role in contributing to a country’s prosperity and should be developed in a transparent and inclusive way, with an equitable long-term focus.
  • As the Commission notes, there are likely to be ten elections between now and 2050. As such, there must be cross-party support to ensure that New Zealand meets its Paris Agreement obligations. Working towards these obligations over the next three decades will require recognition of the interconnected nature of all the economic, social and environmental matters that we face. For example, success in mitigating the effects of climate change relies on improvements in the nation’s productivity levels and in reducing inequality and sharing prosperity more effectively.
  • The Commission has worked through a plethora of material in developing its draft advice. We encourage the Commission to acknowledge the role of the tax system in supporting the just transition and to consider advice developed elsewhere. It would be particularly useful to assess the current incentives presented by the tax system or any proposals against the criteria developed by the Tax Working Group.
  • Widespread and ongoing consultation is key to ensuring that the just transition does take place. As noted by the Commission, the costs associated with implementing the draft advice will fall unevenly across society. Consultation will be needed to understand the impacts on all stakeholders including monetary and compliance costs, and the policies designed to protect the most vulnerable through the transition.
  • The accounting profession will make a significant contribution to climate change mitigation and adaption. 
  • Robust post-implementation reviews of each and every policy are critical. 

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