Date posted: 3/02/2020 2 min read

Submission on Reducing Waste: a more effective landfill levy

CA ANZ supports the expansion and increase to the waste disposal levy in NZ to support recycling and circular economy infrastructure.

Chartered Accountants ANZ recently provided feedback to the Ministry for the Environment on the Reducing waste: a more effective landfill levy - consultation document. In our view the consultation document presents a thorough and sensible case for expanding the waste disposal levy to additional landfill classes and the rationale for increasing the rate strikes a fair balance.

Our submission compares the proposals to key tax principles and the framework for taxing negative externalities established by the Tax Working Group. The Tax Working Group framework will be a valuable tool to assess future possible environmental taxes. Finally, we discuss the case for channelling revenue from the change in the waste disposal levy to building infrastructure to support recycling and a transition to a circular economy.

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