Date posted: 18/06/2020

Submission on orderly changes to JobKeeper

JobKeeper changes need to be announced as a package

In a relatively short period of time, the tax profession has had the responsibility of firstly establishing a clear understanding of the Program and then disseminating this information to their clients in order to navigate access to the Program. Most of the heavy lifting regarding implementation was undertaken by tax professionals through the investment of a significant amount of time and effort. It would be greatly appreciated that this group has some involvement and input in any proposed changes to the Program.

Piecemeal or scattergun approaches to  changes  to  the  Program  will  quickly  erode  community  confidence  and  trust  in  the government’s handling of what will be an economic crisis for many Australians.

The joint bodies caution against making any changes to the current Program prior to the scheduled September end date. The joint bodies suggest that any proposed extensions or tapering of the Program which extend beyond 30 September 2020 be announced as part of a broader package of changes/enhancements of the Program on 23 July 2020.