Date posted: 29/01/2021 2 min read

Submission on options for mandatory adoption of electronic invoicing by business

CA ANZ and CPA Australia report to Treasury’s consultation paper representing the Major Accounting Bodies in Australia

On 29 January, CA ANZ and CPA Australia provided a joint submission to Treasury’s consultation paper on options for mandatory adoption of e-Invoicing.

In our joint submission, we outline our support of the public sector leading the adoption of e-Invoicing and recognise the significant value of adoption. However, at this stage we do not support mandatory adoption by business. Instead, we recommended the Government consider non-regulatory approaches, such as incentives to encourage adoption, especially by small business.

We also express our concern in relation to the timing of the consultation taking into consideration the significant impact of COVID-19 on businesses. Our submission also includes our support and outlines our feedback for option 3.