Date posted: 30/09/2022

Submission on miscellaneous amendments 2022

Miscellaneous amendments to the Treasury portfolio have been made

In brief

  • Keeping the tax act up to date is essential for good governance
  • This draft legislation proposes a number of housekeeping changes
  • CA ANZ supports the proposed legislation

Having a regular omnibus bill to incorporate numerous changes that are required to keep the tax and superannuation laws up to date and to correct minor matters is essential to the good governance of the tax system.  CA ANZ members appreciate having miscellaneous amendments dealt with in this manner CA ANZ has reviewed the materials. Our review indicates that the proposed changes to the tax and superannuation systems in these materials are to correct drafting errors, repeal inoperative provisions, address unintended outcomes and make other technical changes.  CA ANZ has not identified any issues with the proposed changes.

“Good governance requires having the tax law free of drafting errors, inoperative provisions and unintended outcomes. This draft legislation helps that process”
Michael Croker

Treasury consultation

Draft legislation and memorandum

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