Date posted: 15/07/2020

Submission on draft BAS services LI

CA ANZ response to the Tax Practitioners Board (TPB) public consultation released on 15 June 2020.

CA ANZ has lodged a submission to the Tax Practitioners Board (TPB) on the draft Legislative Instrument in relation to BAS services (draft BAS LI), released for public consultation on 15 June 2020. 

In our submission, CA ANZ opposed expanding the scope of permissible BAS services in the manner proposed, i.e. covering the full subject matter and nature of services in the draft LI at this time. We have previously expressed concerns about the inclusion of Superannuation-related services within the realm of BAS agents, however we consider that this proposed amendment has reached a point where it is excessive, undesirable and unacceptable. We also believe it creates more uncertainty with blurred boundaries into some of the most complex areas of tax and super issues, such as a worker’s status. In our view, any decision to expand the scope of BAS services should only be made following a full review of the academic requirements for registration, as CA ANZ/CPAA recommended in our joint submission to the Review of the TPB. To do so now before that full review does not adequately balance or manage the risks to consumers.  Consumer protection is the primary object of the TAS regulatory regime.

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