Date posted: 31/07/2019 2 min read

Submission on developing standards for AI

Chartered Accountants ANZ provided feedback to Standards Australia on Artificial intelligence

Standards Australia consulted with key Australian stakeholders across industry, government, civil society and academia to examine how standards, and related materials can support artificial intelligence in Australia. Chartered Accountants contributed to the consultation with a written submission and attendance at the AI consultation forum held in Sydney. 

The consultation and feedback received contributed towards the development and delivery of a practical and actionable AI standards Roadmap to the Australian Government.

In our submission we highlighted:

  • The need for clear identification and incorporation of the audience for the roadmap
  • Examples, needs and opportunities for the adoption of AI which are addressed in our publications Machines can learn, but what will we teach them? (2018) and Audit and technology (2019)
  • Consideration of principles-based regulation accompanied by guiding principles to enable flexibility to keep pace while continuing to encourage innovation. 

Chartered Accountants ANZ prepared a submission which was submitted to Standards Australia on 31 July 2019. 

We support the development of a national Artificial Intelligence (AI) standards roadmap