Date posted: 14/10/2021

Joint submission providing feedback to the Deregulation Taskforce

CA ANZ and CPA Australia has provided feedback on modernising document execution

In a joint submission, CA ANZ and CPA Australia provided feedback to Australia’s Deregulation Taskforce on 8 October 2021 in relation to modernising document execution.

Purpose of consultation 

In 2021, the Government announced, as a part of the deregulation agenda, that the Deregulation Taskforce and the Attorney-General’s Department would examine options to enable electronic document execution. 

Modernising document execution aims to complement the Government’s plan for economic recovery, Digital Economy Strategy and other reforms underway to modernise business communications

Key Points from joint submission 

  • The Major Accounting Bodies support the aim of the Deregulation agenda however encourage the Taskforce to consider as part of the overarching digital strategy, a roadmap that clearly outlines and ‘connects the dots’ to other existing and future projects being carried out by Government
  • We consider the mutual recognition by States and Territories of statutory declarations formed in other States and Territories to be a sensible first step towards a more consistent approach to document execution nationally
  • There needs to be further clarity about how programs will be integrated into the Government’s reform package, how they can be accessed and what educational initiatives will be provided to facilitate understanding and uptake
  • It is imperative that risk management be part of interoperability
  • Making document execution technology neutral would allow businesses, consumers and governments to use the most suitable and efficient way of executing documents (including paper-based options) to fulfil their requirements
  • Extending electronic execution of documents to other areas of statutory communications and to a wider range of legislation

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