Date posted: 15/09/2022

Joint submission on IPSASB Public Sector Sustainability Reporting

Joint submission supports IPSASB’s proposed work to advance public sector sustainability reporting

In a joint submission, CA ANZ and CPA Australia support the IPSASB’s proposed public sector sustainability reporting guidance development. We emphasise that the public sector has an important role in addressing sustainability issues. Both public and private sectors form part of each other’s supply chain. Therefore, the public sector will also need to report on its sustainability outcomes to support the reporting undertaken by the private sector. 

We support a global approach to the development of sustainability disclosure standards, and the International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB) as the global body to issue these standards. The overarching goal is for a globally consistent, comparable and reliable corporate reporting system. We, therefore, support the IPSASB establishing a collaborative relationship with the ISSB as soon as practicable. Leveraging and building on the ISSB’s work is important to avoid adding to the existing fragmented sustainability reporting landscape. 

We support a climate first approach which represents the first step of a broader roadmap and could include an overarching conceptual framework for reporting. 

IPSASB Consultation Paper

Advancing Public Sector Sustainability Reporting 

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