Date posted: 09/12/2021

Joint submission on improving treasury portfolio laws

The major accounting bodies support greater flexibility for businesses, individuals and regulators to communicate

On December 12 2021, The joint accounting bodies provided feedback to Treasury on the Treasury Laws Amendment (Modernising Business Communications) Bill 2021 (Draft Bill) and associated Treasury Laws Amendment (Modernising Business Communications) Regulations 2021 (Draft Regulations).

In our submission, we have previously highlighted the need, as part of the overarching digital strategy, for a roadmap that clearly outlines and ‘connects the dots’ to other existing and future projects being carried out by Government, such as Director ID, MyGovID, modernising business communications and modernising document execution. In addition, we express our support for electronic signing and sending of documents to apply to all documents under the Corporations Act 2001 and draw attention to other areas for Government consideration such as cost-effective technology based document management services, reevaluation of printed notices and effective communication between Government and taxpayers.

Modernising document execution – submission by the major accounting bodies

CA ANZ and CPA Australia provided feedback to Australia’s Deregulation Taskforce on 8 October 2021 in relation to modernising document execution.

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