Date posted: 07/07/2020

Joint submission to Australia’s Technology Investment Roadmap

Representing the major accounting bodies in Australia, CA ANZ and CPA Australia respond to the Discussion paper

On 24 June 2020, CPA Australia and CA ANZ jointly responded to the Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources on the Technology Investment Roadmap Discussion Paper (The “Roadmap”).

In our response, we outlined the major Accounting Bodies’ public policy position in relation to climate change, achieving a net zero emissions economy in the long term and measures complementary to the Technology Investment Roadmap which include R&D tax incentives to attract world-leading innovation to Australia as well as consideration of the rapidly growing area of green finance. 

Our joint submission also included important insights from the Climate Change Authority March 2020 report and McKinsey research on an integrated and coordinated approach, the role of government in policy leadership and funding, climate-related risk, adaptation, the growing cost of inaction and technology options.

In February 2020, CA ANZ joined the climate change call to action which outlined the significant role accountants can play to help business and organisations deal with climate change. 

As a signatory to the call to action, CA ANZ is committed to:

  • Provide our members with the training, support and infrastructure they need to apply their skills to the challenge
  • Support relevant market-based policy initiatives and incentives, consistent and well-considered regulation, and more useful disclosure
  • Provide sound advice to help governments to create the policy and regulatory infrastructure necessary for a just transition to a net zero carbon economy.  

CA ANZ joins climate change call to action

CA ANZ joins climate change call to action.

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Joint submission on CCA Paris Agreement

CA ANZ and CPA Australia prepared a joint submission to the Climate Change Authority.

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